Just a couple of Questions & Answers from my formspring account.

– What does all work and no play make Jackman?

Really, I do need to play more. Many changes have come to pass over the past year or so and I need to take a bit of e. time. Everyone should remember to take some m-e. time. 😉

– What if you suddenly had no access to a camera? What then?

Well…if I had answered this question first thing this morning, my answer might have been something like…

“If I had no access to a camera (and I’ll go ahead and assume that you mean ever, anonymous poster) I suppose I would have to move on to something else of a creative nature. I’ve always enjoyed sketching and even a little painting. For me, a camera is the tool that permits me to showcase a bit of my creative side but devoid of a shutter and lense I might find myself reaching for a brush and palette.”

That ‘would’ have been my answer earlier but since then I received some great feedback today from a very kind person on my past work and now…

…I’d MacGyver a camera out of a cereal box, a paper clip and some electrical tape. Moments need to be captured and I need to click shutters.


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