I miss some things

The Red Couch

I remember the day I bought this couch. It wasn’t the greatest time in my life but things were on the upswing. I had just acquired this great apartment in the Beaches area of Toronto and was preparing to start another chapter of my life there…I was looking forward to it actually.

So, I’m a thrifty guy. Not cheap thrifty, more like ‘cruise-many-a-thrift-store-in-search-of-random-treasures’ thrifty…and that’s where I found this gem. I was out one day and looking to kill some time so I popped into one of my go-to thrift stores, walked to the back to browse through the furniture as I often do and there it was…this red, pleather two-seater that the clerk told me had just arrived. I looked for a tag fearing that it may have already been spoken for and to my astonishment it was priced at a mere $10!
I immediately made a bee-line to the checkout, paid for the couch and requested that they hold it for me for a few days as I was moving at week’s end. “Oh and can you attach a SOLD tag on the couch for me?”, I demanded more than inquired for fear that it would have been sold to another treasure hunter before I arrived to pick it up.

Days later I parked my moving truck at the receiving dock of the thrift store and I went inside clutching my receipt and produced it to the clerk as though I were claiming a contest prize. I breathed a sigh of relief when I laid eyes on it again, all the while thinking there may have been a ‘mix up’ and it was awarded to someone else. As the clerk called another worker to help me load it in my truck, I was already picturing where I would situate this soon-to-be conversation piece. In my mind I saw it placed exactly as you can see in the picture below.

It was the first thing loaded onto the moving truck and the last thing placed in my new home. It was also the last thing I moved out when I left both the apartment and the city I love.

I really do miss some things.



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