Martha – Tom Waits

Probably one of the saddest most bittersweet songs I have ever heard, ‘Martha’ chokes me up everytime I hear it. This is just one of those songs that seeps in and resonates with you, especially if you’ve ever found yourself unfortunate enough to part ways with someone and lose touch over the years.

If you’ve heard the song you know it’s about loss and longing and the passage of time, it’s about regret and surely it’s about love. The sad thing about the love aspect is that it has never went away for ol’ Tom Frost. I think it’s quite deliberate that we’re meant only to hear Tom’s side of that phone call nearly forty years in the making. It drives the longing home and leaves us to wonder if Martha ever did ‘ him out for coffee and talk about it all’

I like to think that she did.

“And I remember quiet evenings trembling close to you…”



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