Lately I’ve been wondering just how important it is to choose your words wisely when it comes to interacting, sharing or initiating correspondence in this day and age.

Obviously there are some social conventions where a carefully crafted message is essential but I’m referring to the ad-hoc…the daily interactions we find ourselves in that tend to take on a more personal if not opinion based complexion.

With a tool as instantaneous as twitter..you can find your comfortable niche just as easily as you can stir the pot all in 140 ‘key’strokes or less. With a blog you can put yourself out there to be lauded or scrutinized, cheered or jeered all by simply collecting your thoughts, research or opinions and putting it out there for the world to see.

We’ve had a few years experience now with social media outlets like Facebook, twitter, tumblr, etc where we can enjoy a voyeuristic approach to looking in on someones musings and either get behind them, empathize or dismiss completely. I think it boils down to the carefully crafted message or the lack thereof.

I often wonder if I am employing too much of a filter in what I ‘put out there’ or perhaps not enough? Am I riding the fence too much or should I pick a side and see where that leads? Do I remain personally guarded in what seems like a fishbowl view of people’s authentic lives while mine is more of the one-way glass variety? Is there an abundance of ‘key’strokes to what I write when a more from-the-hip approach may have altered an interaction into something more..or considerably less?

In any event, I’m sure I will still employ the filter(s) I have grown accustomed to but I am going to endeavour to ease up on some of the more carefully crafted messages I communicate. Maybe I’ll choose more sides, exercise less caution in some respects and shoot from the hip as an initial reaction to a topic rather abstaining from feather-ruffling. I often admire many of you that take this approach and I can recognize the need in society for opposing viewpoints versus crowd-pleasers. I do believe that healthy debates make issues compelling while complacency rarely ever invites change. At the same time I hope to share more and to provide insight into what makes me, e. It may be of interest to some and I can foresee a personal benefit in doing so.






4 thoughts on “‘Key’strokes

  1. I know exactly what you mean about using filters while interacting on various social media platforms… I often struggle in the same way. But I also wonder if that small pause before hitting the send button actually elicits a greater sense of self-awareness. I know I often ask myself is there a better way of getting the message across so that more people actually ponder it or at least hear it? In some ways, it causes us to refine our interactions… for the better, I hope 😉 (That’s just my two cents…)

  2. You both know that I rarely filter in person, but I do filter online quite extensively. The fact of the matter is that in person you know your audience and there is no record beyond a mental one. Searchability is a double-edged sword because you cannot control the context of where your words end up, and believe me, they will find an inappropriate context. New intent will be inappropriately ascribed/inferred to you and your words in those new contexts— which is sad really— because I suspect we are poorer for being forced to self-censor when the original comments are appropriate for the time and place that they were made.

    Looking forward to your new braver (more foolish?) online self Ed.


  3. Delighted to see you posting again e. In my experience the more I blog, the less I think about what I say…and just say it. Looking back, I see the variety in discussion topics, tone and skill of delivering my thoughts. Some would say, I’ve grown into my own style. And there you have it; I was just being me. Who knew it was a style? Each of us contributes to this world in our own way. Just do it man. It’s all good.

  4. Awesome post. Struggle with this every time. A thousand conservative filters every time I write to the point it sometimes feels inauthentic. Not even sure where the yearning to fileter comes from? Just scared I suppose. Guess the only one that can fix that is, me. Thx for the nudge.

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