What’s your method of choice?

Just a bit of a study here. Perhaps even more of a consensus to see what is widely utilized and what is considered most effective.

What I’m specifically asking is, “What is your go-to method for staying organized?”

To expand on that question, here are several others that relate…
Do you use an electronic method such as an app or program?
Are you an old-school fan using a host of Post-its and/or a notebook (the paper kind)
Do you inherently possess the gift of organization and need not jot down or type out dates, meetings, grocery lists and can remember everything?

I’m very much a visual kind of learner and that means things only tend to register with me (at a deeper level anyway) if I see them or am reminded of them and that means writing it all down as in the illustration above.

However, a notebook of my doodles and scribbles sitting at the bottom of my messenger bag (It’s NOT a man purse) does not alert me when it’s 24 hours before an important meeting and the potential is there to sail on through that day without preparing…until the mad scramble when it dawns on me. So to that end, maybe an annoying app that would chirp at me as a reminder of coming events wouldn’t be too bad after all.

On the other hand, I like the satisfaction of actually crossing something off my list and seeing it highlighted as complete or my ‘red pen edits’
I’ve been through many books and this method has served me well in the past but I feel that it may not be as effective as it once was.

Lately, I have taken on a lot. The things I have elected to get involved in and work on have now been mixed with..well, life stuff. So when I sit down to add new things to the ‘To-Do’ list, I end up with several pages to catch up on and this can get hard to manage. This is probably commonplace for many of you but I thought you might have some tips and/or tools you might like to share that help you navigate your way through a sea of tasks.





One thought on “What’s your method of choice?

  1. I use my BlackBerry for everything, linked to Google Calendar. Until I became a cell phone person a few years ago, I did everything with a good old-fashioned day planner because nothing else was able to go with me wherever I am. The hardest part for me is getting in the habit of inputting necessary info so that I get the reminder. But once it’s there, Google Calendar is pretty awesome.

    It has a feature now that will email you your schedule for the day every day, which is kind of fun because it makes you feel important like you have a receptionist or something. Plus there are tons of options for reminders–emails, texts, pop-ups–and all customizable. Highly recommend. (and it apparently links to iPhones even more smoothly than BBs.)

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