“What’s that Ed guy up to anyway?”

If we’ve talked. If you’ve followed my tweets. If you are interested in some of the ideas and projects I have been working on and that I’m developing in my spare time…

Well, you can now see for yourself.

I have put together a little list of things that have caught my attention lately. Ideas and projects to either make things in the community a little better or assist businesses/organizations with their public exposure.

If you know me then you know I’m passionate about helping, partnering, collaborating and improving and these fundamentals (I hope) can be seen in the areas that I’m working on.

The list is rough. The formatting…rougher. Hey, I never claimed to be a web guy. On the contrary, I’m an idea guy. So if you have an idea…let’s talk. If you like one of mine…let’s collaborate. And if you have comments or critique…I would also love to hear that too.

Thanks everyone!


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