“Looking for a place to happen…

…making stops along the way.”  


That’s kinda me…seeking out and finding great places to happen while making many stops along the way. I believe the secret (if there is one to share) is in taking the time to see what’s out there.

Lately I’ve had the luxury of time to dig a little, network a lot and offer my help/services where I can. It has helped me learn more about the people, services and businesses in my community to a larger extent. I understand that not everybody has the time to invest in ‘making stops along the way’ …working life and family life can fill up a person’s plate pretty quickly. However, if there is a piece of advice in here somewhere, it would be to perhaps pick one thing….one thing that you’ve wanted to learn or assist with in your own corner of the world and share your expertise, offer up your skills or just donate some time to a cause.

Where this awesome Tragically Hip tune and I differ can be found in the first line of lyrics, “I’ve got a job”

I’d probably be doing myself a disservice if I didn’t let it be known that I am still keeping an interested eye out for a potential career. Many of you know this about me but it certainly wouldn’t hurt to put the reminder out every so often. Soon I’ll be updating my other blog with a resume to view and a summary of skills and achievements if anyone cares to view. Currently, I reserve that space to let others know the projects and ideas I’m working through in my spare time.

With any luck, I’ll be able to marry the two…perhaps one of my many stops along the way will turn into my next big gig. Until then I’ll keep looking for places to happen.





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