Because *Everyone* Deserves A Day At The Beach, Right???

Hey everyone!
I hope you are enjoying your summer thus far and taking advantage of the beautiful weather we’ve been fortunate enough to be receiving this year. Along those lines..the summer, great weather and a very special event are the reasons why I’ve put together this post.

I work for Youth Opportunities Unlimited (YOU) and we have an annual event that is a fantastic opportunity for local youth and one I’m sure you will think is a very worthwhile.

The event is called the Summer Celebration and it provides local youth with an opportunity to spend a day at the beach. We will be holding the event at the beach in Port Stanley on August 22nd and we take this time to celebrate all of the young people’s efforts and successes that have taken place in the past year. Last year, more than 40 youth enjoyed a day of recreational activities, swimming, and a fantastic BBQ. The event is a huge success and it is all thanks to many wonderful organizations and businesses in the London community that support us in being able to provide a fun day for all.

My hope is that we can make this year’s Summer Celebration an even bigger success than ever before and that’s where you come in. I’m looking for donations of all kinds and they can be monetary, food donations, gift cards…you name it!

I’ve been fortunate enough to have already received pledges of donations from Downtown London and Starbucks at Dundas & Richmond and that has kicked off a ‘beach bag/swag bag’ of sorts that each youth will receive when boarding the bus for Port Stanley. My goal is to fill those beach bags with great stuff and start the day off right! Are you with me??

So..if you, your employer or someone that you think could help us out with making this day a special one, want to donate to this awesome event, please contact me and I’ll send out our donation letter and further details. You can also contact the lovely Jessica Justrabo who is a Youth Insight Facilitator working at our Youth Action Centre. Jessica is spearheading this event and doing great work by bringing on several sponsors, planning the day and basically being awesome. I’ll include her contact info below.

 Oh and I’ll be on vacation next week but checking personal email periodically so if you have the “donation to top all donations”..please email me at ( because I’ll want to attend to that immediately and fuss all over you and thank you profusely!
Otherwise you can contact Jessica or I at the numbers/emails listed below for further info!

Thanks for taking the time to read this and please pass it along..the more visibility the better!
You’re the best, London!!


Ed – t: 519.432.1112 ext.289

Jessica – t: 226.777.0116 ext.106


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