“Looking for a place to happen…

…making stops along the way.”  


That’s kinda me…seeking out and finding great places to happen while making many stops along the way. I believe the secret (if there is one to share) is in taking the time to see what’s out there.

Lately I’ve had the luxury of time to dig a little, network a lot and offer my help/services where I can. It has helped me learn more about the people, services and businesses in my community to a larger extent. I understand that not everybody has the time to invest in ‘making stops along the way’ …working life and family life can fill up a person’s plate pretty quickly. However, if there is a piece of advice in here somewhere, it would be to perhaps pick one thing….one thing that you’ve wanted to learn or assist with in your own corner of the world and share your expertise, offer up your skills or just donate some time to a cause.

Where this awesome Tragically Hip tune and I differ can be found in the first line of lyrics, “I’ve got a job”

I’d probably be doing myself a disservice if I didn’t let it be known that I am still keeping an interested eye out for a potential career. Many of you know this about me but it certainly wouldn’t hurt to put the reminder out every so often. Soon I’ll be updating my other blog with a resume to view and a summary of skills and achievements if anyone cares to view. Currently, I reserve that space to let others know the projects and ideas I’m working through in my spare time.

With any luck, I’ll be able to marry the two…perhaps one of my many stops along the way will turn into my next big gig. Until then I’ll keep looking for places to happen.





“What’s that Ed guy up to anyway?”

If we’ve talked. If you’ve followed my tweets. If you are interested in some of the ideas and projects I have been working on and that I’m developing in my spare time…

Well, you can now see for yourself.

I have put together a little list of things that have caught my attention lately. Ideas and projects to either make things in the community a little better or assist businesses/organizations with their public exposure.

If you know me then you know I’m passionate about helping, partnering, collaborating and improving and these fundamentals (I hope) can be seen in the areas that I’m working on.

The list is rough. The formatting…rougher. Hey, I never claimed to be a web guy. On the contrary, I’m an idea guy. So if you have an idea…let’s talk. If you like one of mine…let’s collaborate. And if you have comments or critique…I would also love to hear that too.

Thanks everyone!

What’s your method of choice?

Just a bit of a study here. Perhaps even more of a consensus to see what is widely utilized and what is considered most effective.

What I’m specifically asking is, “What is your go-to method for staying organized?”

To expand on that question, here are several others that relate…
Do you use an electronic method such as an app or program?
Are you an old-school fan using a host of Post-its and/or a notebook (the paper kind)
Do you inherently possess the gift of organization and need not jot down or type out dates, meetings, grocery lists and can remember everything?

I’m very much a visual kind of learner and that means things only tend to register with me (at a deeper level anyway) if I see them or am reminded of them and that means writing it all down as in the illustration above.

However, a notebook of my doodles and scribbles sitting at the bottom of my messenger bag (It’s NOT a man purse) does not alert me when it’s 24 hours before an important meeting and the potential is there to sail on through that day without preparing…until the mad scramble when it dawns on me. So to that end, maybe an annoying app that would chirp at me as a reminder of coming events wouldn’t be too bad after all.

On the other hand, I like the satisfaction of actually crossing something off my list and seeing it highlighted as complete or my ‘red pen edits’
I’ve been through many books and this method has served me well in the past but I feel that it may not be as effective as it once was.

Lately, I have taken on a lot. The things I have elected to get involved in and work on have now been mixed with..well, life stuff. So when I sit down to add new things to the ‘To-Do’ list, I end up with several pages to catch up on and this can get hard to manage. This is probably commonplace for many of you but I thought you might have some tips and/or tools you might like to share that help you navigate your way through a sea of tasks.




Rock >Me< Hard Place

Suture Self

I figured it was that time again to put out another stream of consciousness regarding me, the space in time that I’m currently occupying and perhaps touch on some plans going forward.

I last wrote about ‘easing up’ on my personal filter through online writing and getting more involved. Wading in, if you will. I received some wonderful comments and better still, some reflections from others on how they tend to wrestle with full disclosure vs. limited sharing. All that said, I hope to share a bit more than what is typical for me and..that..will…starrrrt….now.

So, I’m not working. A lot of you know this particular detail about me while some of you may not. Call it a blessing in disguise or a kick in the ass, in any event, at this particular space in time..I’ve made it work to my advantage. This development came about just as the summer was kicking into high gear. I have two kids (teenagers) that would be off for the summer and that was a factor in my thinking as to either chase down employment again or take the summer off to spend time with them instead. I eventually chose the latter.

Like all fairly big life decisions, it wasn’t that easy to come by..this ‘not actively seeking out work’ thing that I settled on. I did have a brief foray into sending out resumes for various positions. I attended some interviews, had great conversations with businesses and organizations in London and gained perspective on the whole exercise. What made the difference for me recently was that I went into my last interview at a London business with a plan in mind. It was simple..if I got the job, I was going to Love It and work the shit out of it (they’re a great company and would’ve deserved nothing less from me)…or…if I didn’t get the job, I was going to take the summer off, spend time with my kids, re-evaluate my goals and get involved with my community. It felt pretty good to have that much decided going in.

Now the rock and a hard place part…
(Maybe that’s not the best title for this post but it just came to me and I’ll explain why)

On the one hand I have two kids and I’m not working so the one surplus I have is time. This has enabled me to get out and meet with some great people here in London, share ideas, brainstorm, attend events and ultimately shape all of this into something I want to do and am very passionate about and that is to start a project, turn it into a business and give back to the community I live in.

On the other hand I have two kids and I’m not working so the one deficit I have is a lack of funding. Oh there is ‘some’ but I’m a single parent and also doing this on my own so I’ve learned to budget well over the years. But the funding isn’t so much the issue.. I mean, sure it would be nice to be on a payroll again but what really plunges me into thought is the absence of the personal work, learning, research and connecting with others I’ve been doing with the free time I’ve had versus the potential of rejoining the Monday to Friday crowd.

Either way and for now you should expect to see more of me out there as I’m milking this free time for all it’s worth. I cannot say enough wonderful things about the people I have met and those that have taken the time to listen to me ramble on about this idea and that. The friends I’ve made in this short time span have blown me away. The goofing off at festivals that I’ve done with the kids is time well spent and the ‘patio socials’ whether they’re fuelled by coffee or beer are a pleasant diversion.

So a big thanks to all for your input over the past little while, for the advice that you’ve shared, the time you’ve invested and just being around to listen (or read)
It is very much appreciated.



Lately I’ve been wondering just how important it is to choose your words wisely when it comes to interacting, sharing or initiating correspondence in this day and age.

Obviously there are some social conventions where a carefully crafted message is essential but I’m referring to the ad-hoc…the daily interactions we find ourselves in that tend to take on a more personal if not opinion based complexion.

With a tool as instantaneous as twitter..you can find your comfortable niche just as easily as you can stir the pot all in 140 ‘key’strokes or less. With a blog you can put yourself out there to be lauded or scrutinized, cheered or jeered all by simply collecting your thoughts, research or opinions and putting it out there for the world to see.

We’ve had a few years experience now with social media outlets like Facebook, twitter, tumblr, etc where we can enjoy a voyeuristic approach to looking in on someones musings and either get behind them, empathize or dismiss completely. I think it boils down to the carefully crafted message or the lack thereof.

I often wonder if I am employing too much of a filter in what I ‘put out there’ or perhaps not enough? Am I riding the fence too much or should I pick a side and see where that leads? Do I remain personally guarded in what seems like a fishbowl view of people’s authentic lives while mine is more of the one-way glass variety? Is there an abundance of ‘key’strokes to what I write when a more from-the-hip approach may have altered an interaction into something more..or considerably less?

In any event, I’m sure I will still employ the filter(s) I have grown accustomed to but I am going to endeavour to ease up on some of the more carefully crafted messages I communicate. Maybe I’ll choose more sides, exercise less caution in some respects and shoot from the hip as an initial reaction to a topic rather abstaining from feather-ruffling. I often admire many of you that take this approach and I can recognize the need in society for opposing viewpoints versus crowd-pleasers. I do believe that healthy debates make issues compelling while complacency rarely ever invites change. At the same time I hope to share more and to provide insight into what makes me, e. It may be of interest to some and I can foresee a personal benefit in doing so.