Dad-e’s Little Girl

— I found this little note that I posted almost 3 years ago. 
Still brings about a little smile —

Below is an excerpt from a conversation I had with my daughter last night while on the phone.
She just turned 12 last week.

Edward – “Hi Sweetie, how are you?”
Daddy’s Little Girl – “I’m good, how are you?”
e. – “Great…what are you up to?”
DLG – “Just making snacks for tomorrow’s lunch.”
e. – “Very good. How are things? How is school going?”
DLG – “Good. I got an A on my French test!”
e. – “That’s fantastic!! So what else are you doing in school?”
DLG – “I’m crushing.”
e. – “Oh yeah…crushing what?”
DLG – “On a boy.” [said very sing-song like]
e. – [taken a little by surprise, but smiling big] “Really?”
DLG – “Yeah.”
e. “That’s cute, sweetie. So what are you doing about this crush?”
DLG – “Not much…just staring at him a lot.”

…so much like her father. 😉

Anyway, thought it was pretty cute.
I was surprised she shared that with me and I thanked her for it.
Hopefully she feels she can always share her crushes with me.